how to build a professional website with WordPress

how to make a professional website with wordpress
how to make a professional website with wordpress

Almost two decades ago, it used to be impossible to create websites without having good knowledge of programming languages.

Furthermore, building a website meant massive coding and development on the front-end and back-end.

In addition to the eternity that it used to take for completion. Web development services were also greatly expensive and completely out of reach for startups.

Luckily, things have changed considerably ever since WordPress exists.

Thanks to its massive contributions to web development services. WordPress has received skyrocketing popularity and makes nearly 33% of the entire web today.

If you have a wish to build a professional and appealing website for your startup effortlessly within an affordable budget.

Seat tight as we dive into how you can do the magic with WordPress modern web development services.

Choose a name for your business and a domain

In today’s digital era where almost every aspect of our lives has been uploaded. Online presence has become nearly mandatory for businesses.

At the same time, no matter how cool your business name is, your domain name can take it all away. Before heading to web development services, choose a name for your business which you can easily find a domain for.

Since the number of websites on the internet at the moment is countless. The domain for your proposed name may have already been taken.

Imagine it this way: your website is a virtual building on the web by the name of ‘Peanuts’.

Ideally, it’s domain would be, but since the word is so common, someone may have already taken that address. Even the closest few combinations may have been taken as well – having is not gonna help!

Sign up on WordPress and Choose a Plan

Making an account on WordPress is fairly simple and you can either sign up instantly with your socials or fill a regular registration form.

Once your account has been set, you would be given 5 plans to choose from, namely Free, Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce.

Your choice should depend on the nature of your startup and the kind of web development services you need.

Register your domain and find a host

People often fail to understand the basic difference between a domain and a host, which are key features of web development services.

The reason is perhaps that usually, the hosts would not hesitate to offer domain services in an attempt to make some extra cash.

A domain, as explained earlier, is a unique address which helps in directing traffic to your website.

A host, on the other hand, provides a server where your site is stored and acts pretty much like the land on which you build your house.

For the sake of security, reliability, and better services, you should always reach out to companies who specialize in their respective web development services.

Ex:: buy a domain from a domain specialist and your website host should be a specialized host.

Install a WordPress theme

Back to WordPress! Before anything else, let’s talk styling. Changing themes on a hand-stitched website would mean weeks of coding, and even starting from scratch, but not on WordPress.

You can install themes of your choice at any instant without losing any of your web data.

The themes are featured with gibberish text known as Lorem Ipsum, which acts as a placeholder for information regarding your company. There are also stock images, slides, and videos that can be customized as well.

Create Pages and Posts

Website pages behave exactly as the pages on books – you switch from one to another and each one has different content to show.

Similarly, posts are the textual content that is present on the pages. The option of creating new pages and posts is given in the main sidebar of WordPress, and the process isn’t all that difficult either.

You can move between the pages through the navigation bar. Which is located at the top of the landing page on personal computers, and the sidebar on mobile phones.

The landing page, also known as the home page, is where most of your viewers will arrive through your web address.

This page must look appealing and should only be featured with the essentials of your business. For your products and services, you can create a separate page where more detailed information and images would later be posted.

Apart from that, you should also make an About Us page, where you can introduce your company more comprehensively. And a Contact Us page equipped with your address and phone numbers.

WordPress made the creation of websites effortless, which makes it the most popular and reliable provider in web development services today.

On top of that, it offers a gigantic database of themes and plugins which help with customizability and extended functionality.

Without prior knowledge, anyone can build a strong and professional website for their startup using WordPress’s revolutionary web development services. If you need assistance in creating a top-notch website for your business, contact Gtech Ventures for affordable packages for startups!

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