What and Why React. Js?

If you are a web application developer or a front-end developer for the mobile application then React Js is the most effective tool that you can have. The most feasible and flexible framework is the React JS. The React Js framework is the most widely used framework that you can use while developing your application.

Now let’s clear up some fundamentals before getting deeper into the concepts to get a better insight into it.

What is React Js?    

React Js is basically an open-source JavaScript library that is used for developing user interfaces especially for single-page applications. React also allows making the reusable components of the UI. Jordan Walke was the person who created the React Js framework in 2011 while he was working for Facebook.

If you want to create a large web application and want to change data and reload the page then React Js is the best solution for you. The main purpose of React is to make the system scalable, simple, and fast. Today, people have less time to wait for the application to open and search for the necessary information that they require. Hence, the React framework offers that opportunity for developers to produce a fast and simple application that can meet the needs of the user easily.

Now, after knowing about the framework concept let’s explore some of the important features of React Js  

React JS features 

There are several features of the React JS application that you can consider before implementing it into your software. 

  • It comprises of JSX:- The full form of JSX is JavaScript XML. It is basically the syntax extension of the JavaScript. Most of the time the React JS uses HTML or XML like syntax then this syntax is being processed to give the JavaScript calls to the framework of the react. It is not mandatory to use the JSX but if you use the JSX with the React framework then you will get some advanced functionality.
  • Components:- The main feature of the React Js is the presence of the components. Each component of the React JS framework has its own logic and controls and this framework comprises multiple components. The best part of this framework is that you can reuse the code and you can use it on other large scale projects.
  • One way data binding:– The architecture of the React JS framework is designed in such a way that it allows a unidirectional flow of data with one-way data binding flow. Throughout the application, you will have better control due to the one-way data binding process. Now, if the flow of data is in another direction then it will require adding some additional features. The reason for this factor is the components are immutable and the data within them is very tough to change. You cannot alter it as per your wish. There is a pattern known as the Flux that helps you to keep your data unidirectional. Hence, it makes the application more efficient and flexible for users.
  • Virtual DOM:–  

The representation of the original DOM object is the virtual DOM object. Like a one-way data-binding, it works whenever the modifications take place in the entire UI is being rendered in the virtual DOM. After that, it checks the difference between the new and the old DOM. Then the real DOM will update the things that gave been modified or changed actually. Hence, it helps to make the application faster and reduces the wastage of the memory of the DOM.

  • Simplicity:- The JSX file is used in React Js in order to make the code simple and easy to understand. The React JS framework is a component-based approach as it makes the code reusable and makes the codes easy to understand. Thus it makes the system user friendly and easy to use.   
  • Performance:– React JS makes the framework to perform in a better manner. The quality performance of the React Js framework makes it the first choice among the developers. It manages the virtual DOM and this is the main reason the performance of this framework is so well. The DOM is basically a cross-platform programming API that will help you to deal with XML, XHTML, and HTML. This is the reason why it leads to the smoother performance of the app compared to the other frameworks.

Why to use React Js? 

Many developers often have this question in their minds about why they should use react JS. There are several answers to these questions that you need to know if you want to use this easy to learn the application.

  • Simplicity:- It is very simple to grasp and easy to use this thing makes it more appealing. Just a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is enough to use this language.
  • Easy To learn:– If you have previous knowledge of programming language then you can easily use this framework. 
  • Native approach:– It can be reusable and is used to make the mobile application all over the world. 
  • Performance:– It provides greater performance and more feasibility. Hence, the preferred programming framework among the developers.

When to use React JS?

The answer to this question is very simple as whenever websites come with a very complex stricture and the traditional approach will not work smoothly then the application of the React Js framework will be the best.

Hence, from the above discussion, it has become very clear that when you must use the React.Js native framework service. Most of the developers love to have this framework. The best part of it is it can be reused as per the requirement. The simplicity and the better performance feature of this framework make this the most interesting framework to be used by the next generation developers. You can easily learn this framework and can use it if you know some basic fundamentals of the programming languages. Thus you can use it as per your requirement to develop a stunning application.

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