Some Best Windows 10 Hacks That You Must Need to Know!


Windows 10 Hacks


Windows 10 has been live on laptops since 2015. Either you have installed. By utilizing these hacks, you can use your laptop smoothly and faster.

Nowadays, most of us are working in homes. Therefore, almost all people want to enhance their productivity. These hacks will be helpful to you to enhance your productivity.

Microsoft has not announced these hacks publicly. That’s why it is difficult for us to find these hacks. Here, we will discuss some essential Windows 10 hacks that you must need to know.

Access the Hidden Start Menu:

While using Windows 10 on your laptop, if you have missed the traditional Windows start menu, you should right-click on the Windows icon that is available at the lower-left corner of the screen. When you click on this menu, a new pop up screen will appear. it is one of the windows 10 hack

On this pop-up screen, you will see different options like administrative tools, folders and shutdown options etc. You should click on the desktop and it will open the desktop view.

Cloud Clipboard:

Windows 10 is also offering a cloud clipboard feature to the users. By utilizing this cloud clipboard option, you can see the history of copied items. Along with seeing these copied items, you can also PIN desired items.

After pinning desired items, you can reuse or review these items when you want. To open the cloud clipboard on Windows 10, you should press Windows Key + V.

When you press these keys, you will get access to all the copied images, texts or other material. You can also see these copied items on any computer. For this reason, you will have to sign in on this computer with the same Microsoft account.

Enable Nearby Sharing:

Windows 10 also allows the users to enable nearby sharing options. By enabling this essential feature of Windows 10, you can easily share links of the websites, photos and much more with other nearby devices.

You can send these things by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on other devices. For this reason, you will have to open Microsoft Edge on your laptop. After opening Microsoft Edge, you should click on its Share icon. After clicking on it, you can enable a nearby sharing option on your laptop.

Quickly Show Your Desktop:

If you have used other versions of Windows, you know that there was the ‘Show Desktop’ option at the lower right corner of the page. Experts of a dissertation help firm told that this option was available along with time and date.

Now, in Windows 10, this option is not available. Therefore, it is difficult for you to quickly show your desktop. You should not worry about it because the ‘Show Desktop’ button is still available at that place. The only difference is that it is significantly trimmed down.

To go to the desktop quickly, you should click on the small rectangular spot that is available at the right side of the Action Center. You can also use a keyboard shortcut key to enable the desktop menu. The keyboard shortcut key to quickly enable the desktop menu is Windows Key + D.

Take A Screenshot:

No doubt, it is a basic feature of Windows 10. Most of the people forget it frequently. You will be amazed to know that there are eight different ways to take a screenshot on Windows 10. One of the easiest ways to take a screenshot of full screen on Windows 10 is to press Windows Key + Print Screen Key.

This screenshot will be saved in the Pictures menu on your computer. If you want to capture one part of the screen, you can use another trick. For this reason, you will have to press Windows Key + Shift + S. When you press all of these keys, a new tool will be opened. This tool is known as the Snip & Sketch tool.

This tool allows users to use click and drag options to take a screenshot. This screenshot will be saved in your Clipboard.

Open Items On The Taskbar With Short Keys:

To increase the productivity on the laptop, we save different items on the bottom side of the screen at the Taskbar. To open one of these items, we have to single click on it. Now, you can also open these items by using a hack.

You should organize all the important items on the Taskbar. After organizing these items, you should remember the numbering of these items. Now, if you want to open the fourth number item, you should press Windows Key + 4. Similarly, you can open any item on the Taskbar.

Shutdown Background Apps:

Some apps on your laptop are running in the background even if you are not using them.

These apps can receive information and they can also send notifications. Now, the problem is that if lots of apps are running in the background, these apps will disturb the battery life of your laptop.

By controlling these apps in the background, you can save battery. To control these apps in the background, you will have to follow some essential steps. First, you should go to the ‘Settings’ menu.

After that, you should click on the ‘Privacy’ option. At last, you should click on the ‘Background Apps’. Here, you will see an option, ‘Let Apps run in the background’. You should turn off this option.

Enable Virtual Desktop:

The Linux users have been enjoying this feature for lots of years. Now, this option is also available on Windows 10. You can enable virtual desktops and control these desktops just like a boss.

To enable virtual desktop, you should click Windows Key + Tab. It will turn your computer into Aero view. After that, you should click on the ‘+New Desktop’ button that is available at the bottom side of the page.

You can select as many desktops as you can. You can enable any desktop just by clicking on the Desktop option that is available next to the search bar.

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