10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Many people have common thinking that it’s easy to improve the Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate). Most of them follow a standard process for PPC Campaign like writing the advertisements and the keywords, paying the amount, and just watching out the sales. This won’t work for every CTR in AdWords. You need to structure your Google ads account correctly and manage them effectively to see higher CTR for your adverts.

In case you are not doing the click-through rate process in the right way, you will not get much traffic, sales, and inquiries. The best way is to stick with some of the best digital marketing services companies that offer top-notch quality PPC management services so that your CTR process in AdWords will go in the right way to bring the expected results.

How to Improve CTR in Google AdWords?

You are assured of the higher quality score when you have, the higher click through rate. Just paying a smaller amount is also enough when you have a good quality score. Here are the ten magical tips you need to follow to improve your CTR in AdWords. 

  1. Don’t forget to add CTA, attractive adjectives, and promotions in your ads

What are the things that quickly attract people? It’s simple, promotions, free shipping, and special offers. Make sure to offer special promotions like free shipping, offers, and more so that people start exploring your advertisement. You can also include CTA (Call to Actions) like “Call now,” “Reserve today,” and “Buy now” and words like “new,” “easy,” “save,” etc. in your ads so that people get easily attracted and click on them. 

  1. Focus on Keywords

Whatever the keywords, the search engine’s user search appears bold on the results that appear in SERPs. It means you should not skip adding your keywords that your targeted audience will search for in your advertisements’ title and body. Your pages quickly appear on the search engines, and the people click on them when they find their keywords on the results. 

  1. Price matters

The first thing every person looks at a product or service is the rate. Make sure you include your price structures on the ads to click on the ad if they feel your products or service would be a value for the money they spend. 

  1. Choose relevant keywords

When listing keywords to your products or services, make sure it’s relevant to the ad you are posting. For instance, you sell red wine soap, but you have the keywords to buy red wine. It doesn’t make sense, and also there is no chance for your ads to get listed on the red wine soaps. Your ads get listed for the people who are searching for red wine, which has no value. So, ensure to choose relevant keywords for your ads for attracting higher sales. 

  1. Limit untargeted impressions by using negative keywords

Let me explain this with a small example; you are selling laptops that are brand new. If you need your ads to stop appearing from the search list that includes refurbished laptops, then you can easily do it by changing the settings. Just provide the word refurbished as a negative keyword in the setting, and therefore it will stop your ads from getting listed on particular results with the keyword refurbished. 

  1. Keep the ad simple

Don’t stuff the keywords and words. Just keep it simple and attractive so that the people love to explore your product and services. Do not include words like see this link, click here, and more. 

  1. Mark your display URL words in capital 

By doing so, you can make them easy to read. For instance, you are selling dark chocolates, and your website is weselldarkchocolates.com, then ensure you are making the display URL as WeSellDarkChocolates.com. It provides the audience with a quick view of what you are selling. 

  1. Try out various ad types.

Make sure to try every type of ad, including local business, text banner, different layouts, and different keywords. It helps you to identify which feature helps in generating high-quality click through rates for your ads. Once you have explored the characteristics, it’s easy for you to use them and bring the expected results. 

  1. Avoid abbreviations

Do not use abbreviations as there is a limit to the words you need to include in the advertisement. When you are using any abbreviations, there is a chance for your text to become tough and challenging to read by the users, which will make your targeted audience move away from your ads. 

  1. Make use of seasonal headlines in your advertisement

If you are selling a product or service, you need to identify the current season and then provide a similar headline on your advertisement to attract your audience. For instance, you are selling mobile phones. You can give the headline “Thanksgiving attractive mobile sale,” which attracts more people to get your product. 

To improve your click-through rate, make sure to follow the above ten important factors, or choose some of the best Digital Marketing Services Company, which would help you make the process easier. Any suggestions or queries on the topic are welcome.

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