Parental Control Options Offered by YouTube and Google

Parental Control


When we want to watch the videos, the first name that comes to our mind is YouTube. You can watch everything from the informative content to the drama series on YouTube. Even there are multiple cartoon channels that children watch daily.

Do you know there is also negative content available on YouTube? 

Well, your kid may watch inappropriate content, and you still do not know. Even Google provides the parents to restrict the search content for their kid’s devices. 

Parental control is a defence line that puts the limits around the kid’s online presence. In some apps, it’s a built-in feature to safeguards the kids from inappropriate videos and other visual content. We can’t say that it will restrict all the inappropriate searches, but it does a better duty (something is better than nothing). 

Parents should monitor the kid’s devices for their safety. Because inappropriate content easily captures the kid’s attention, which can cause some bad effects. Using the Google account, you can also turn on parental controls and apply restrictions on the kid’s online activities. There are also best parental control tips that allow the parents to the limits on their children’s gadgets, but you can restrict the search and video content with the Google account too. 

In this article, we will discuss why we need this solution and how to use it. 

Reasons why parental control option offered by YouTube 


 Every kid uses a tablet, smartphones, etc. Parents need to keep an eye on their every duty, what content they search, what they watch, what attracts them most on the internet, etc. There are also violent videos on YouTube that your kid can watch and get into some trouble by implementing violent things in real life. It’s time to take action against inappropriate content and keep your kids safe. 

Limit the search: 

Kids can search the inappropriate content in the search engine. You can log in to Google account to limit the search of the user. Parents should talk to the kids and define the categories that they can follow and watch on YouTube. 

Set the screen time: 

In the previous times, we used to play outside the home and watch the cartoon once in the whole day because we had so many other things to have fun. Nowadays, kids spend their all-time on YouTube, watching videos, etc. which may affect their health and lack of communication can cause anxiety.

Now, this solution enables us to set the screen time and allows the kids to watch the videos only for a specific time. Parents should also communicate with kids with their screen time restrictions and tell them about how much they have on their plate. 

How to turn on parental control on YouTube?

The very first step is to log in to your account. If you have a Google account, then you can also perform actions on YouTube. Once you open a YouTube browser, then you can see a safety button in the bottom line of the page. Turn it on and click on the options that the changes you want. Once you make changes, then save them.

To check the result, you should search for some content. If you see the statement of “Some results have been removed because Safety mode is enabled”, then it means that you have successfully saved the changes. 

You can also turn on the safe mode on the iPhone. Open the safari, and search the YouTube sign in and click on the right YouTube button. Go to settings and turn off the safety mode option. 

Now it’s your turn to provide the cyber-safety to your kids!

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