Are Marketing Conferences Worth The Hype?

Considering almost all the industries today, regardless of what they deal in, require constant marketing efforts to have their products or services stand out in the crowd, one really needs to keep up with the latest trends and updates happening in the marketing world. Well, there’s a reason as to why the global marketing industry has crossed the $1.7 trillion mark today!

But, do you really need to attend a marketing conference to keep up with the latest practices or learn about diverse ways to tackle the most prominent marketing issues? Well, if you think you’ll magically make great professional connections, or have your product or service stand out like no other, or make excellent strategies to compete with established brands having good reputation in the market, you’re wrong. You can definitely learn great things with experience, but, how do you make sure you’re on the right track and can make a mark in the industry with all the resources you have? That’s right. All of that will require you to move out, meet like-minded peers, build professional relationships, exchange ideas, share your findings and insights, listen to the established senior marketing executives and know their success stories; all of which is exactly what you’ll find in one great marketing & advertising conference.

I’ll list out a few ways that’ll help you get the best out of a marketing conference you plan to attend.

  1. Make use of the networking breaks: While you sip your favorite drink during the break hours, make sure you’re out there establishing connections with other dignitaries of the marketing & advertising world. It’s a great way to engage with them and discuss your business. You might as well end up making a business deal right there!
  2. Put up your own exhibit booth: That’s surely one of the best ways to showcase your offerings to the right audience! With a hall full of people from all over the world that belong to the marketing sector, there’s no better place to show what products or services you have to offer.
  3. Pitch your idea to the investors: If you think you have a solution to the problem that has been triggering the marketing mavericks, pitch your startup idea! These conferences are a boon to the newbies of the marketing arena that are looking for that one perfect opportunity that’ll have them get the much-needed funding for their business. Delivering a winning pitch before a panel of VCs and angel investors is all that you need to kickstart your new journey.
  4. Register as a keynote speaker: If you think you have information that’s worth sharing with the others from the marketing and advertising industry, make use of the speaking opportunity these events have to offer. With 2-3 days long conferences, there are a lot of topics on the agenda that might suit your interest. Pick up the topic that you’re best at, and the stage is all yours! Share your story and enlighten your peers with all the knowledge that you’ve got.
  5. Get your name listed in the social media promotions: Big events like MADcon surely have a lot of media promotions going on throughout the course of conferences; be it being covered by the top media agencies or having certain press releases out, both pre and post conferences. You might as well have your business placement in those promotions. These include the digital banners, individual press releases, magazine listings, video interviews, social media promotions, and a lot more. While a few of these services are free and are complementary to your attendee pass, others can be chargeable. But, these are definitely worth your spending, considering the quality exposure you’ll get.
  6. Engage in panel discussions: A group of experts sharing diverse viewpoints built upon their experience is surely going to give you a lot to take in. This is an excellent opportunity to cross-question and have your doubts cleared by the visionaries themselves! Or, you may as well be a part of a panel discussion session and share your own perspective with the attendees.

Well, there’s a lot more for you to do at such conferences. It’s even better if you take your business partner along and engage in shared learning that’ll help you drive brand growth and keep you ahead of the competition. So, the next time you get an opportunity to be at a marketing conference, make sure you do not miss out on that!

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