Best Offline Android Action Game 2020!


Offline Android Action Games 2020


Android offline games allow players to enjoy every challenge in the game without having to waste internet quotas. They need to download during the first installation, and after that, go to complete the missions given.

The big problem is that the Play Store doesn’t provide a label or information that the game can be played offline. Some developers usually add a note in the description, which is unfortunately often overlooked by gamer.

Offline Android Action Game

#1. Special Forces Group 2:

This Android offline game has five types of game modes: Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag, Resurrection, Classic, and Zombie Modes. You have six characters per team, seven pistols, three rifles, four sub machine guns, and many more weapons to win the war.

#2. Warhammer 40,000 – Freeblade:

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade is a dangerous offline android action game wrapped in an epic story. There are more than 170 chapters in the storyline that can be encountered by players. The mission itself is to protect the kingdom from the invasion of an endless group of invaders.


#3. ICEY:

ICEY presents a hack and slash challenge using a samurai who can spin and run through various obstacles. As you run and fight your way through the levels, you’ll face intrigue and surprises. The developer carefully presents a slick narrative, although it will not have much effect on gamers who are more focused on their actions.

#4. Swamp Attack:

The objective of the android action game   is simple. There is a group of vicious animals invading your house, and you must protect them. This game is very suitable to be played to pass the time, for example, waiting for someone somewhere.

Swamp Attack

#5. Plants vs. Zombies 2:

It is one of the most popular game on PC before the high-end graphics hit. Plants vs. Zombies series then visited Android and also became one of the most popular games because it can be played without using an internet connection.

#6. Zombie Killing:

With a zombie background smells of the shooter genre, this game combines classic android action games with sharp graphics. The game only needs to aim and make sure every bullet kills the zombies that attack.

#7. Critical Ops:

Critical Ops can perhaps be called one of the best offline action games currently on the Google Play Store. This FPS game requires a lot of tactical and critical thinking, especially Deathmatch mode. But there is also a Defuse Mode, which is no less exciting when trying to detonate a terrorist bomb.

Critical OPS

#8. Unkilled:

Zombies have invaded all corners of the city. You have to survive against all the odds, go to the streets, subways, sewers and back alleys of New York and get out alive.

#9. Space Grunts:

The in-game story, you are in the year 2476 on a mission to travel to the lunar station to find out why it sends out distress signals.

#10. Xenowerk:

Use all kinds of weapons to survive. The game is filled with mutant faces and make sure you kill them to survive the game. However, you also have to recognize the character and the secret weapon to avoid attacks.

Offline Android Runner Game

#1. Alto’s Adventure:

Alto’s Adventure is arguably the most popular offline endless runner game today. In this game, you have to ski down the mountain’s side, collect the escaped Ilama, pick up coins, and perform big jumps.

#2. Jetpack Joyride:

Jetpack Joyride is produced by a developer who also assembles the Fruit Ninja game. The game has lifted the concept of a 2D, side-scrolling runner infinite where you play as a child riding a jetpack. Your main goal is to avoid obstacles. You will also have to collect coins, upgrades, and power-ups to reach the final goal quickly.

#3. Subway Surfer:

It’s hard not to include this endless runner game. Because of its popularity, Subway Surfer’s download figures on the Play Store reached more than 1 billion. Salute!

#4. Temple Run:

When you visit the Subway Surfer stalls in the Play Store, you make sure you will be advised to play the equivalent game. Otherwise, Jetpack Joyride is Temple Run. The three-game genres are the same, but all three have unique and different touches. So, there’s nothing wrong with trying this one too.

#5. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom:

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is a two offline endless runner from SEGA that lets you quickly switch between characters. The goal is to get the highest score. They also insert elements of boss battles and several additional characters who become Sonic’s loyal friends.

#6. Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game:

This animated film’s official game invites players to run to collect bananas and has an interesting special mission to increase their score. However, along the way, you will encounter various distractions. To do so, jump, dodge, roll, and knock the Minions out of your way.

#7. Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari:

This game is dominant in the endless runner genre, but there is a touch of Adventure that is quite thick. So, the cowboys in this game are not riding one horse but jumping from one animal to another. Sometimes it also flies if you jump on the vulture’s back.

#8. Cliffy Run – Endless Runner:

Unique characters are not only the difference between Cliffy Run and other endless runner games. The cool graphics make every challenge feel even more bite-sized.

#9. MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited:

Gameloft blends this android action game  nicely. Instead of carrying out the fighting or adventure genre, the developer made it with a runner concept where players would run and swing while getting rid of enemies.

#10. CHASERS: Endless Runner FREE:

The same DNA developer also tries to give a different touch. Not only the background and character selection, but the developer also tries to embed a comedy element in it. Meanwhile, the overall mission is not much different from the existing endless runner games.

Offline Android Racing Game:

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#1. Racing Fever: Moto

Although Racing Fever: Moto is a relatively new title, thanks to its impressive game play and graphics, it has quickly become one of the most popular. It is a motorbike racing game with a first-person view of the fast-paced, adrenaline-rushed game play.

#2. Beach Buggy Racing:

It is a mixed game of arcade racing and shooter, which is blended into fun gameplay. Beach Buggy Racing offers many features to enjoy without the need for any connectivity and excellent graphics.

#3. Horizon Chase – World Tour:

Horizon Chase – World Tour has lots of cars to choose from and many tracks to play with. All tracks are short and challenging but bright different backgrounds to differentiate from one another. Interestingly, the colors, graphics, and art design are thick with 80s-era touches that must look good.

#4. CSR Racing:

CSR Racing has an improved visual appearance. The car model is carefully designed and looks the same as the original. The graphics look very realistic. You can see how serious the developers are in designing every element in the game. This game itself is an offline racing game for Android and runs very well on smartphones and tablets.

#5. Hill Climb Racing 2:

There are several epic customization options available for characters and vehicles. The controls are accessible and easy to use, although the number cannot be small. This game can be played offline, but not in multiplayer mode.

#6. Drift Max Pro:

This  Android Action Game  is not only about who is the fastest, but also who is the coolest. So, apart from racing, you can also modify your car as you wish, for example, changing the paint color and applying vinyl, selecting the suspension, tires, rims, Etc.

#7. Cars: Lightning League:

This  Android Action Game  is not completely offline. There is also an online mode. The graphics are well-designed, with great sound effects and animations. To get the highest score and rewards, we recommend that you play more often.

#8. Asphalt Xtreme:

Asphalt Xtreme doesn’t follow the rules and offers a wide variety of vehicles to drive. The racetrack is also fairly unusual, from hills to canyons and even country roads. The game also offers online multiplayer races, 500 challenges, more than 400 career, and time modes.

#9. Drag Racing:

Like CSR, Drag Racing is a classic offline racing game, where users can customize and upgrade their cars. Also, there is a competitive multiplayer mode, where users can choose from dozens of car collections to become the champion.

#10. GT Racing 2:

Although not as famous as the Asphalt series, GT Racing 2 still has loyal fans worldwide. In this game, you can choose various improvements to boost your car’s performance. Apart from the offline mode, this game also allows you to play online against other players. You can also beautify your car with new rims, paint, and vinyl available and do various new missions every week in your spare time.

It is a collection of the best Android games that we have summarized from the Play Store. We have separated the games into several categories to make it easier for you to select and sort the games you want. Have a nice play!

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