30 Top Freelancing Sites to Get the Best Work From Home Jobs!

top freelancing sites

Freelancing is the Future!

These days, through top freelancing sites, more and more people are choosing a freelancing career rather than toiling at a full-time job.

Owing to the excellent quality of work, various multinational establishments are eager to hire a freelancer in India, which in turn gives you a chance to earn by working from home. Sounds exciting?

If you have ultimately decided to jump on the bandwagon, looking for a freelancing opportunity in the best freelancing website in India.

Here are 30 top freelancing sites that can help you in kick-starting your career:


One of the top Freelancing Sites in India, Rockerstop can become the one-stop solution for your freelancing career. Devoid of any registration fee, Rockerstop can get you the dream project!


Boasting of a high-profile clientele, Rockerstop allows the employers to pay without any third-party intrusions. They can also review freelancers based on the work. With the advantage of a search engine, both employers and freelancers can look each other up and initiate the project after required screening processes. 


Offering a plethora of job opportunities to choose from, Freelancer works through a bidding system. Freelancers are at liberty to bid for any project. Also allowing the employers to host contests, Freelancer profiles can be reviewed based on work-quality. Freelancer comes among the top freelancing sites.


Widely popular as a reliable online marketplace for freelancers Fiverr provides a host of versatile work opportunities.


Ideal for writers, programmers, and budding artists looking to kickstart their freelancing career, vWorker also gives the freelancer a chance to post bid on the projects for a claim.  


Serving as a platform that connects clients and freelancers. The freelancers promptly respond to job descriptions and are hired after a fruitful interview. 

People per Hour:

Another great website for freelancers, this website offers prospective projects based on their skillset. 


One of the top-rated freelancing websites in India, Truelancer can become the platform that unravels your hidden opportunities. 


A personal favourite for Programmers and Web designers, Scriptlance also provides work for other fields such as content writers. 

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Ideal for constructing connections for freelance work as well as landing one. LinkedIn is also excellent for professional networking that can assist you in finding your next freelancing project.

Logo My Way:

If you specialize in logo designing, this site is just the place. Employers from all over the world hire skilled logo designers for their brands/ companies. 

 Translator Café: 

This freelance working site is ideal for individuals, looking for typing and translation jobs. 


Based in India, WorknHire offers a host of possibilities, allowing freelancers in India to locate job opportunities near their area. 


This website provides opportunities for budding freelancers still pursuing their studies. Easily searchable by location, Internshala also offers specialized courses for enhancing your skill set. 


This is a website that connects experienced IT and engineering professionals with relevant job opportunities in a jiffy. 


This website works in a way that allows both the employer and the freelancer to contact each other. Most importantly the registration for this website is completely free. 


The ultimate place for independent professionals looking for freelancing jobs, iFreelance provides them with lucrative opportunities.


This rating-based website is great for freelancers in building a good reputation and maintaining good rapport with the employers looking to freelancer India


One of the most reliable working sites for programmers, Guru is one of the few websites where the client can directly pay the employee for their work. 


Undeniably great for freelance designers, Coroflot works in a similar one to one interaction between the employer and employee, focusing on individuals with a background in designing. 

 99 Designs:

Another excellent website for web designers and designers in general, this website hires individuals specializing in designing. 


The most advantageous feature of this website is, it automatically converts the payment rates into Indian currency. Broxer is one of the favourite choices for employers who want to hire freelancers India.

 All Freelance Work: 

Just as the name suggests, all freelance work is a freelancing platform offering a wide range of work opportunities that can be the catalyst of boosting your career. 

Programmer Meet Designer:

The Go-to site for techie programmers, designers, web developers, entrepreneurs and even writers, Programmer Meet Designer is the ultimate platform for freelancers.


Devoid of any charges for job posting, SimplyHired lets you narrow down your opportunities, offering great resources such as guides and information.


This website specializes in the field of IT and the related area. If your skill set includes web designing, CMS etc. NCubeRoot can be your go-to freelancing site.

Freelance Writing:

This is a website harbouring talented writers, providing them with an opportunity of earning by utilizing their skill set. 

 Go Freelance:

With a worldwide connected network of clients, Go Freelance can connect you with your dream project.

 Freelance India:

One of the most popular freelancing websites in India, its membership can be free as well as paid and ensures a professional job experience with top clients. 


An excellent platform for both amateur and experienced writers, iWriter gives you the opportunity to brandish your writing skills and the option of earning foreign currencies. 


Initiated in 2000, Krop encourages innovative and creative designers by connecting them with suitable work opportunities. 

Even though it is quite impossible to decide which is the Indian Freelancer Website, these thirty top freelancing sites definitely make it to the top. So, without further ado, kickstart your freelancing career!

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